tCASH referral program

TukTuk's tCASH referral policy helps you to earn amazing bonuses and opportunities to travel free. This is how the referral policy works:

TukTuk tCASH is a customer referral program. You invite your friends and you both earn rewards. It’s simple. And, it’s easy. You send an invitation to your friend. Your friend installs using your referral code, and gets Rs.25 worth of tCASH. You get Rs.25 worth of tCASH when your friend takes the first ride with TukTuk.

How to invite?

Just a few clicks on your app —

  1. Select tCASH option from your TukTuk app’s side menu,
  2. Click on “SHARE REFERRAL CODE” button at the bottom of the screen
  3. Select the App you want to share the invitation with. For example, WhatsApp, Viber, Hike, Messenger etc.
  4. Choose your friends and send the invite.


Your friend will receive a message to download the app.

What does your friend do?

Your friend clicks on the link in the message, and installs the app. In this case, the link is —

TukTuk app tries to automatically decipher the referral code on your friend’s mobile. However, if TukTuk app fails to fill the referral code automatically, your friend must enter your referral code — which is available in the invitation message, in this case, RFOUR51253 — manually.

Once your friend has signed up,

  1. Rs.25 is credited to his tCASH account,
  2. You receive a notification confirming his signup.

Now, when he takes his first success ride, Rs.25 is credited to your account.

How do I use tCASH?

Well, you don’t really have to do anything here. tCASH is automatically adjusted in your trip bills, subject to a cap of Rs.15 per trip.

Let’s say — you have Rs.20 in your tCASH account, and your trip bill is Rs.40.

  1. Rs.15 is automatically adjusted in your trip bill.
  2. So, you pay only Rs.25 in cash to your driver.
  3. And, you would have Rs.5 left in your tCASH balance.


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