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What is TukTuk?

Is TukTuk in my city?

Is there any minimum age to ride with TukTuk?

How many riders can travel at once?

Services are in my city, but it shows no auto available?

Is TukTuk available 24*7?

While booking TukTuk shows near, though it takes more time to pick up?

Can I book more than 1 TukTuk from a single app?

Is there any extra charge for luggage?

Sometimes it takes time to track location?

Can I book TukTuk for others?

TukTuk - How to use the app

How can I get a fare estimate?

How do I request a ride?

How can I contact my driver?

What is trip start code?

How can I cancel my request?

Can I pre-book a TukTuk?

Can I book a TukTuk on phone or by other means?

How can I save a particular location as a favorite?

While browsing the location on the map, my current location has been disturbed?

How can I see details on my previous rides?

Contact - TukTuk

How can I contact TukTuk?

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tCASH referral program and promotions

What is tCASH referral program and how to earn free rides?

What is tCASH passbook?

Are there any promotions and offers from TukTuk?

Billing issue

How can I get a fare estimate?

How do I get my fare summary?

How can I get free rides with TukTuk?

What is priority pricing?

I was charged incorrectly?

Do I need to tip my driver?

My profile

I am not able to confirm my mobile number?

How can I change my email or phone number?

Not receiving emails or promotions by TukTuk

How can I change my details?

Any other queries?

Extra safety features

How does TukTuk ensures safety?

How can I add emergency contacts?

How to share trip details?